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Caribbean Americas Single Economy (CASE) - Making the CASE

Asia Pacific European Americas International Press Forum

December 12th, 2019

Taiwan and The Americas News Service is powered by Kalalloo Network Alliance Media Group & SEDI. A New and Emerging News Source brought to you by SEDI, a Macroeconomic & Public Policy Think Tank in the Americas. A Correspondent to the newly formed Asia-Pacific European Americas (APEA) International Press Group. Content on this news channel is produced periodically.

The International Press Delegation for which I was apart of, afforded us an opportunity to engage in dialogue on a very high level with various heads of Taiwan government ministries, discussing a myriad of political and economic issues with a great deal of transparency, integrity, and forthright straight talk. At the end of the day, both Taiwan and Mainland China are very co-dependent on each other, and smart diplomacy can and will continue to strike a balance between the two Asian-Pacific societies.

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